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Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort Waterpark Tickets

Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort Waterpark Coupons

Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort

2211 U Avenue Williamsburg, Iowa

Phone: (319) 668 – 1175

Summer in Iowa can be a sultry tropical experience as long as you know where to go. There is one indoor water park that you could enjoy for couple of days or more – the Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort. It is located at Williamsburg, Iowa and it would be great if you’re living in or near the town. With lots of attractions to choose from, get ready for a never-ending fun when you bring your whole family at Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort!

See these information about the water park:

  • Twin-slide Wasserbahn Tower – Try these large slides at Wasserbahn Tower. You’ll all be glad to turn around, slide and to glide once you’ve decided to ride this thing.
  • Wading Pool – This pool has a zero-depth entry so that your little ones can still wade and enjoy the shallow part of the area. The huge waves will surely take you aback so make sure that you’re prepared to swim in it!
  • Wasserbahn Dump – This is a bucket that carries 160-gallons of water. Bring your camera and make sure you have a photo in this amazing feature.
  • Rope Climb – Boys and girls will like the idea of being adventurous in a water park. Surpass the obstacles, climb on ropes and let your kids feel like they’re old enough to get through this tough challenge!
  • Bullfrog Spray Hoop– Your toddlers will love soaking in this 1-foot pool area. There are geysers around, sprays, and friendly animal structures that can be played by your little ones.
  • Vortex Pool – Couples will love staying in this area. The wild flow of the water seem to massage every swimmer in the pool. Try this one if you want a little break from a tiring swim.

Park Hours:

Monday to Thursday, 9:00am – 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday, 8:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday, 8:00am – 9:00pm

Ticket Prices:

$10.00 & up

Plan your trip to Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort as soon as you can. Having a great time here is not hard to attain and even better, you’ll be surprised with the low admission rates! Check back on this website for more information about Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort.

Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort Waterpark Ticket Information

Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort Waterpark Coupons