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The Skagit Resort Waterpark Tickets

The Skagit Resort Waterpark Coupons

The Skagit Resort

5984 N. Darrk Lane Bow, WA 98232

Phone: (877) 275 – 2448

Looking for a multi-purpose hotel in your town? A hotel where you can have a comfortable, adventurous , and most of all an enjoyable stay? Well, one hotel resort has it all for you. Introducing, the Skagit Resort in Bow Washington. This resort is not only a place where you can relax, it’s also a place to chill and enjoy! There are other activities like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, whale watching, and many more that await you in the resort. The indoor water park is also one of the coolest attractions in The Skagit Resort. Kids will love the amenities stored for them in this water park.

Check these other details about the Skagit Resort:

  • Whale Watching – Look at the whales, sea lions at the sea as close as you can get! The ship will sail you in the middle of the ocean and from there, you will witness how these humongous sea creature swim!
  • Hiking – Guests are allowed to hike one of the mountains in the town. Climb at the top of the mountain and see the exhilarating view from atop.
  • Canoeing – Paddle your own canoe! You can bring your spouse or your child with you and tour around the sea.
  • Kayaking – Enhance your kayaking skills and rent a boat! It will increase your stamina, burn some calories, and boost your energy once you try kayaking.
  • Fishing – Grab your fishing gears and let your kids help you go fishing. This recreational activity can be your bonding moment so that you’ll be able grow closer to your kid.


For room reservations, you may visit the resort’s main website. Call them up for questions you have in mind. Be sure to stay at The Skagit Resort this coming weekend and give your break a blast!

The Skagit Resort Waterpark Ticket Information

The Skagit Resort Waterpark Coupons