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Tamarack Camps Waterpark Tickets

Tamarack Camps Waterpark Coupons

Tamarack Camps 6735 Telegraph Road, # 380 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

(248) 647-1100

Do you want to enroll your kids in a camp near Michigan? A camp is a place where your kids can enjoy, socialize, and learn things in life in just one program. Camping is also a great activity to do especially now that it’s summer. Should you be looking for such locale, there is one camp at Bloomfield Hills that’s top-rated. Campers here are sure to go back home carrying lot of great experiences and learnings. This article is talking about is the Tamarack Camps. The camp is famous, incredible, and it’s also considered as one of the most trusted camp sites in town. So if you’re planning to get your kids here, go on and it’s still open now! It’s not too late to have a reservation.

Here are the programs/activities that your kids can do and enjoy at Tamarack Camps:

  • Camp Maas – This program is for children ages 7-14. Your kids will be in a 1,500-acre of forested area that has two private wooded lakes. Everyday, they will experience different kinds of adventure – whether it be on land or on water. Kids ages 7-14 will truly learn things that are suitable for their age.
  • Agree Camp – It’s a program for teens entering the 9th grade. This exceeding program brings campers face to face with the Canadian North Woods. Teens may experience rock climbing, swimming in the waterfalls, canoing on rivers, and climbing at the peak of the mountain. After the camp, they’ll surely appreciate more of the earth’s natural resources.
  • Camp Kennedy – This program is perfect for teens entering the 10th grade. Teens will have their ultimate camping experience at the Camp Kennedy because the activities waiting for them here are not that simple. They must be a team leader, team player, flexible, and witty to be able to surpass the adventures that lie await in the camp.


There are still many great activities that campers may do in this camp. Bring your kids at Tamarack Camps and for sure, they’ll enjoy camping here!

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Tamarack Camps Waterpark Coupons