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Surf and Swim Waterpark Tickets

Surf and Swim Waterpark Coupons

Surf and Swim 440 W. Oates Road Garland, Texas 75043

(972) 205-3993

Do you want your weekend to be amazing? Do you want to get soaked in a water pool and play with your kids? If you want that kind of experience, better go to Surf and Swim at Garland, Texas. The ticket prices are affordable and refundable! Great to know right? This water park is a perfect weekend place to be. It has different pools and water rides where your family can try and enjoy. Surf and Swim is also a place where children can celebrate kiddie parties. There are packages available on the water park’s own website, so if you’re interested, you may visit and check it.

These are some of the features that you will find in Surf and Swim:

  • Wave Pool – This is where your whole family should be soaking. Ride in a tube and feel the big waves at the park’s wave pool! Swim as long as you want and meet the raging waves coming forth!
  • Wally’s Cove Kids Area – Get your kids playing all they want in this place! See them run, splash, and play together with their friends at Wally’s Cove. They will surely love the games that the park has.
  • Party Deck – This is where celebrations are held. The place has a view of the whole Surf and Swim water park. Celebrants will definitely love being in that place.
  • Sun Bathe Area – For those who like to get tanned, this is the place for you. Lie down and face the sun in the park’s sun bathing area. Don’t worry, there are many seats to choose from.

Water Park Hours:

Daily, 10:30am – 6:00pm

Ticket Prices:
Adults 48” over – $6.00
Child 48” under – $5.00
Twilight after 4:00pm – $2.00

Treat your whole family to this park because the prices are so affordable. Surf and Swim water park is the place for you and your whole family and you’re guaranteed to get happiness!

Surf and Swim Waterpark Ticket Information

Surf and Swim Waterpark Coupons