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Sunset Beach Waterpark Tickets

Sunset Beach Waterpark Coupons

Sunset Beach Park 4185 State Route 40 Claysville, PA 15323

(724) 948-3800

Are you planning to have a picnic with your family this summer? Do you know what place to go to in order to have a great picnic – for less? There is one place in Claysville that will surely fit your family’s budget. That is in the Sunset Beach Park in State Route, Claysville. The park doesn’t only have a place to have a picnic; what’s so great about it is that Sunset Beach Park has a water park too! Your family will not only love eating in the park, but they may also go swimming! It’s like hitting two birds in one stone! Interesting right? So if you want a total family bonding, be sure to choose this park.

Check out these attractions in Sunset Beach Park:

  • Wave Pool – This is probably the biggest wave pool in Missouri. Would you imagine that this wave pool can accommodate 300 people in a single time? Yes it can! You must not miss soaking here in the wave pool.
  • Water Slide – There are many available water slides in the park. You may choose from swirling rides, vertical rides, and mini rides where you can find the enjoyment you’ve wanting to experience.
  • Splash Bucket – Join your kids while waiting for the big pour of water in the Splash Bucket. Get wet all you want and enjoy the chill that it gives.
  • Water Sports – Teens will enjoy this part of the park. Boys can shoot on the basketball hoops and girls can play volleyball while they’re in the water.


Water Park Hours:
11:00am – 7:00pm

Ticket Prices:
Ages 12 and up – $8.00
Ages 4-11 – $6.00

Look at the prices, affordable right? Don’t waste your time in other water parks. Instead, go to Sunset Beach Park and give your family a reason to smile!

Sunset Beach Waterpark Ticket Information

Sunset Beach Waterpark Coupons