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Sun Valley Beach Waterpark Tickets

Sun Valley Beach Waterpark Coupons

Sun Valley Beach 5350 Holloman Road Powder Springs, GA 30127

(770) 943-5900

Looking for a beach-like pool in Georgia? There’s one at Powder Springs and it’s the Sun Valley Beach. Did you know that the Sun Valley Beach is the largest pool in the Southeast? You’ll be also be glad to know that the pool looks like a beach because it’s filled with white sand! This water park is truly a park for everyone. So if your family is planning to have a getaway this coming week, maybe you should just visit Sun Valley Beach. Loads of great activities await here so don’t miss the chance of discovering how great Sun Valley Beach is. Go see it for yourself.

Here are the attractions in the locale:

  • Waterslides– You will never believe that a water park can be this big. It has 10 different water slides inside that can be ridden by everyone! You and your family will surely be excited in trying all the slides of the park.
  • Dolphin Fountain – Kids will love seeing this thing. Shower around or get your kid wet in the Dolphin Fountain.
  • Tarzan Swinging Ropes – Experience swinging like Tarzan and head to this activity. Kids and teens may try climbing and swinging on the ropes. This exercise will be beneficial for your kids’ physical well-being as well as gaining mental awareness.
  • Zip Line – This is one of the unusual activities in a water park. Sun Valley Beach made a zip line to add more attractions that guests will surely enjoy. Try flying and soaring like a bird in this feature!


Water Park Hours:
Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday, 11:00am – 6:00pm

Ticket Prices:
Ages 12 & Up – $18.00
Ages 2-12 – $15.00

Get to the largest water pool in Georgia! Bring your friends and your family together in Sun Valley Beach and make your vacation full of great experiences!

Sun Valley Beach Waterpark Ticket Information

Sun Valley Beach Waterpark Coupons