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Splashway Family Waterpark Tickets

Splashway Family Waterpark Coupons

Splashway Family Waterpark

5211 Main St. Sheridan, TX 77475

Phone Number: 979-234-7718 979-234-7728 E-mail: info@ splashway waterpark.com

Splashway Family Water Park – Book the Next School Field Trip at a Cool Place

Operating Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10:00-18:00
Sunday 12:00-18:00

Ticket Admission Price:

General Admission 42” & above- $19.95
Under 42”- $15.95
Under 33”- $5.95

Is your school looking for the best destination in field trips before the summer starts? Let’s face it, museums are pretty typical while parks and monuments are over-rated. Take a complete detour and get to a place that gets everyone happy this summer. From school teachers to bullies, surely this place will give smiling faces to everybody! Head on to Splashway Family Water Park and get an A-plus in your water park identification test!

You’ll be surprised that this water park has special rates for you field trip plans good for elementary students and also for the teachers. Get online and take a look at the different water amenities everyone is sure to enjoy. Get to experience waves crashing down on you with the Splashaway wave pool. You can also slide down the Tropical Storm or the Hurricane Hill water slides that you’re sure to make an exhilarating big splash for everyone. Just can’t have enough just by hearing promotional words? Then get online and take a look at the different photos of the water park swimming pools to slides. You can also get a hold of Splashaway Family Water park coupons that can save you extra dollars for your field trip!

It’s so easy to book your tour plans. Just take a look at the field trip link and reserve your school for a water park fun. With a reservation of $100.00 and $10.00 per student, it’s a good deal if to grab. Even better, there’s admission fee for teachers and bus drivers too! Visit the waterpark’s main site and you’ll see what this topic has been pointing out. This is one summer field trip that everyone will never forget! Get those Splashaway Family water park coupons now!

*Prices may have been changed without prior notice.

Splashway Family Waterpark Ticket Information

Splashway Family Waterpark Coupons