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SplashTown Waterpark Discount Tickets

SplashTown Waterpark Discount Coupons

SplashTown Waterpark

21300 I-45 North Spring, TX 77373

Phone Number: 281.355.3300

If you’re tired of going to water parks with fast, thrilling attractions and wish to go to the more family-friendly ones, then your choice would be SplashTown Waterpark. This summer destination has both rides for friends who are on a trip or families who wish to bond with one another.

The park holds some of the fastest and thrilling rides in the country. The best part about this is that, you don’t have to go alone. There are rides built for families who wish to experience the rides together. Of course, there are also wave and river pools which replicate our natural watering holes. Apart from all of these, visitors can rest and gain special privileges if they enter the park during special occasions like ‘Mother’s Day’ or ‘Father’s Day’.

Just like any other theme park, SplashTown, Texas has admission prices. Adult prices are often around $39, while tickets for children and senior citizens are a little less than this. You may also want to prepare yourself for other expenses inside the park such as food, drinks, souvenirs, parking and also rental for equipment. For these, parents should always have SplashTown Waterpark discount coupons. These will reduce the prices and give you and your family the chance to enjoy more.

SplashTown Waterpark Discount Ticket Information

SplashTown Waterpark Discount Coupons