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Splash Resort Waterpark Tickets

Splash Resort  Waterpark Coupons

Splash Resort

17729 Front Beach Road Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Phone: (877) 331-9576

Is your family having a vacation this coming weekend? Do you know where to take them? If you’re not decided yet, then reading this article will greatly help you. There is a resort in Panama Beach City where you can find peace, serenity and enjoyment without the hassle of traveling far. This hotel has different kinds of activities that your whole family can enjoy doing. From physical activities down to recreational activities, the hotel has it all! All you have to do is to book online and check the room availability and after that, you all can go at Splash Resort!

See these features that Splash Resort has:

  • Bedroom Beachfront Units – By this time, there are three bedroom beachfront units available in the hotel. If you want your family to witness the awesome view of the beach, better stay in one of these rooms.
  • Children’s Interactive Aqua Play Pools – There are few activity areas where kids can play. All those pools have dancing fountains, animal structures, mini slides, raining umbrellas and interactive games that they will definitely enjoy!
  • Lazy River Tube – Parents and their kids may float around the water park’s Lazy River. Having a tube would be advisable when you travel along this endless river.
  • Movie Theatre – Get yourselves entertained while staying at the hotel. They are proud to have a movie theater inside that also features 3D screenings.
  • Arcade and Bowling Alley – This area was made to bring mirths and laughs to kids. They can play bowling and many arcade games inside – this will definitely make their stay more exciting and fun.
  • Heated Pool – There is one heated pool with jacuzzi inside and adults love soaking in. After an exhausting activity day, you and your spouse may take a break and just relax in this pool.


What are you waiting for? Take your whole family to Splash Resort and enjoy your vacation at Panama City Beach!

Splash Resort Waterpark Ticket Information

Splash Resort  Waterpark Coupons