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Shepherd Aquatic Complex-City of Mesa Waterpark Tickets

Shepherd Aquatic Complex-City of Mesa Waterpark Coupons

Shepherd Aquatic Complex-City of Mesa

1407 N. Alta Mesa Drive Mesa, Arizona

Phone: (480) 644-3037

Finding a swimming pool where you can spend your day? Want to visit a water park that’s huge enough and equipped with fun activities to do? If you’re just in Mesa, Arizona, Shepherd Aquatic Complex is the place you’re looking for. The area is huge, the pool is large, and it’s also filled with fun activities to do such as diving, slithering in the water slides, and playing in the activity area. All those things can be done when you pay for just $3.50. That’s all you have to spend. You can even bring your friends with you to enjoy more of your stay.

Here are the features at Shepherd Aquatic Complex:

  • Diving Boards – There are three diving boards in the large pool. The two diving boards are both one-meter long, perfect for those who want to enhance their diving skills. The other diving board is much longer; it’s 3-meter long.
  • Lap Pool – The lap pool is usually used by swimming students in the morning. It’s eight, 25-yard lap lanes lap pool. Guests may use it on the afternoon and train themselves to be a skilled swimmer.
  • Mushroom Fountain – This is another feature in the water park where kids will surely enjoy. They can shower, play, and splash here with their friends and siblings.
  • Sand Volleyball – Play with a friend or with a stranger. Enjoy playing volleyball in an area full of sand like this.


Public Swim Hours:
Monday to Friday, 1:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Admission Rates:
Youth 17 & younger – $1.75
Adults 18 & older – $3.50

If you want to have a relaxing day, make sure you choose this place. Shepherd Aquatic Complex ensures you the happiness you need when you’re out and about.

Shepherd Aquatic Complex-City of Mesa Waterpark Ticket Information

Shepherd Aquatic Complex-City of Mesa Waterpark Coupons