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Shady Oak Beach Waterpark Tickets

Shady Oak Beach Waterpark Coupons

Shady Oak Beach

5200 Shady Oak Road Minnetonka, Minnesota

Phone: (952) 939-8203

Finding a beach where you can get drenched this summer? Are you planning to use your sun cream and get tanned in the heat of the sun? If you want to do those things, better be at Shady Oak Beach. This beach has approximately 500 guests every summer, and visitors flock here when summer is about to end. There are many things that you can do at the beach. Shady Oak Beach is a recreational locale that’s suitable for an adventurous person like you. You’ll definitely love your stay at the beach especially when you get to witness the concerts happening so often.

These are the attractions you’ll find at Shady Oak Beach:

  • Playground Area – If you think that playgrounds are for kids, think again. This playground is for multi-ages. Everyone may enjoy playing with the slides, animal characters, falls, and water guns.
  • High Dive – This is only recommended for adults and teens with a height of 48 inches or taller. There’s a diving board at the top of the cliff where guests may try plummeting. Challenge yourself for an extreme act and don’t forget to apply safety precautions!
  • Canoe Rental – If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, try this. Paddle through your desired destination around the beach and see the beautiful view of the whole beach.
  • Sand Volleyball – Play volleyball with other guests in the beach. Play and win a battle towards your opponent. When you want to get a tan while shaping-up, it would be great to hang-out in this area.


Operation Hours:
Daily, 10:00am – 9:00pm

Admission Rates:
General – $5.00
Twilight Rate – $3.00

The parking is totally free! Get there before the summer ends and for sure, you’ll have a wonderful time. Bring your own food if you want. There are also food stands inside park if you prefer purchasing your grub. Stop by Shady Oak Beach and appreciate the nature!

Shady Oak Beach Waterpark Ticket Information

Shady Oak Beach Waterpark Coupons