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Schlitterbahn Vacation Village Waterpark Tickets

Schlitterbahn Vacation Village Waterpark Coupons

Schlitterbahn Vacation Village

9400 State Avenue Kansas City, Kansas 66112

Phone: (913) 312-3110

Looking for a Schlitterbahn water park in your town? If you’re just in the vicinity of Kansas City, the Schlitterbahn water park is actually located in the State Avenue Kansas City, Kansas. It’s the best place to be especially if you’re with your family. Bring them soaking with fun at Schlitterbahn Vacation Village! There are many water rides that you can enjoy and there are many surprises that await you in the park. Your kids will love the activity area prepared for them, teens will love the thrilling water rides, while parents may appreciate soaking in the whirlpools around.

Check out these cool attractions of Schlitterbahn Vacation Village:

  • Der Bahn Dark Slide – Ask a friend to join you on the tube. Once both of you jump in this fully enclosed slide, you’ll experience drops, turns, and swirls through the dark slide. Not your typical slide for sure.
  • Loopy Luge Mat Slide – Race with your kids in the Loopy Luge Mat Slide. Speed up using your own mat and think of ways on how to slither faster for you to win.
  • King Kaw Rapids River – Get your family in a large raft and have fun as you go along this rapid river. Hold on to your seat as the water hits your raft harder. This will be a great and wild ride so don’t forget to wear your tube for safety!
  • Kinderhaven – Let your kids explore the whole zone. They will enjoy climbing on the nets, playing with a friendly frog, and sliding on the mini slides – all attached in the shallow water pool.


Water Park Hours:
Daily, 10:00am – 8:00pm

Ticket Prices:
Ages 3 & older – $27.25
Ages 12-54 – $33.99

Call the water park’s office today for your concerns. After calling them up, drive your way to Schlitterbahn Vacation Village and stay there for as long as it pleases you!

Schlitterbahn Vacation Village Waterpark Ticket Information

Schlitterbahn Vacation Village Waterpark Coupons