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Raging Waters Utah Waterpark Tickets

Raging Waters Utah Waterpark Coupons

Raging Waters

1200 West, 1700 South Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Phone Number: (801) 972-3300

Raging Waters Utah – Great Deals and Discounts for Your Weekend Fun

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday from 11:00am- 8:00pm

Admission Rates:
Regular, 48” and up- $24.95
Under 48”- $19.95
Toddlers and Seniors- Free

There’s nothing like a relaxing swim to soak up the hot days of summer and get the pleasure of cool waters running splashing on your body. Do you want to get to a place that offers state of the art outdoor water park amenities and facilities? Just get to Salt Lake City in Utah and you’ll see this article means. Make Raging Water Utah your vacation destination!

Experience the waves and sounds of the ocean in the 500,000-gallon wave pool where you’ll be greeted by 3-foot swells splashing towards you. Get soaked up in a 70-foot vertical high-plunge where you’ll plummet in over 30 mph water slide called the Waimea. Then try out the Acapulco which is 75 feet more of what ordinary water slides can offer. In this slide, a 50-foot per second speed will surely beat the poise out of you! Then ride a raft for the Raging Raft ride and experience a curvy journey of over 300 feet of water rafting fun in a giant pool. This place boasts of the latest safety features and continuous water flow so the fun never stops. You can pay the admission fee for as low as $24.95 per person. What’s even better as having a low price is grabbing some Raging Waters Utah special offers like admission for 2 for $20.00! There are also other great deals like concession food for $2.00 each. Just get online and take a look at the best special offer you can get.

Just take a look at Raging Waters Utah’s online calendar too for the best offers you can get because they have special coupon days. These discounts can get you 20-30% off of resort purchases. So take advantage of the best offers from Raging Waters Utah and you’ll be waiting in eager anticipation for your getaway soon!

*Price may have been changed without prior notice.

Raging Waters Utah Waterpark Ticket Information

Raging Waters Utah Waterpark Coupons