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Raging Waters Discount Tickets

Raging Waters Discount Coupons

Raging Waters, San Jose

2333 South White Road San Jose , CA 951

Phone Number: (408) 238-9900 Fax: (408) 270-2022

Do you want to go to a water park that’s different from the rest? Would you like to try water slides, which will make you zoom through twists and turns? Would you like to find a park where in you can play sports and other types of sports? If so, then you must be looking for Raging Waters. At this theme park, you can do more than spend your time in the water. In fact, there are also fun activities to do over water.

If you do research, there are three Ranging Waters parks in existence which are owned by Palace Entertainment: one in San Jose, in Sacramento and in San Dimas. Although these are ran by the same company, each park has its own set of attractions that will tickle the fancies of every type of visitor – may they be young or old. Because of their prestige, these three are considered to be the biggest water parks in the state of California.

If you’re interested in visiting one of the RW water parks, you should have 2 things: a good budget and also Raging Waters discount coupons. For your information, adult prices are between $30 and $35, while kid and senior citizen prices are between from $20 and $25. You may also wish to use these coupons for park rentals, as well as food and souvenirs.

Raging Waters Discount Ticket Information

Raging Waters Discount Coupons