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Liquid Planet Waterpark Tickets

Liquid Planet Waterpark Coupons

446 Route 27 Candia,

NH 03034 Telephone: (603) 483-2200

phone: (603) 483-2200

Liquid Planet Water Park – Out of This World Fun and Savings!

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday- 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday- 6:00pm-Sundown
Sunday- 11:00am- 5:00pm

Admission Rates:
General (48” and over) – $20.00
Junior Pass (48” and under) – $13.00

Be inspired to have some fun during summer by having a great outdoor activity in a water park! Just head towards Candia, New Hampshire and get a dose of outdoor water park goodness that only the Liquid Planet Water Park can deliver! Experience the state of the art water park amenities and facilities that other water parks would definitely envy. You can take advantage of the various features here like the Trevor’s Time Warp water slide that is a 272 feet long slide that’s so winding and fast. You will feel like you’re being transported into another time. There’s also the Haley’s comet body slide that shoot you at fast speeds and the Crater Lake water slide and inflatable water play area amenity that’s just installed near the lake so that the whole family can enjoy outdoor splashing fun.

Do you want to get to know more about this place? Then go ahead and visit the water park’s main website and take a look at their great thrills and water rides! By doing so, you will be able to get a clear review of the various amenities here. You can also purchase tickets via online for as low as $60.00 only! With that said amount, you and your family can get all access to the water park. There are also Liquid Planet Water Park specials that are great for weekend family outings so now is your chance!

Take advantage of the Liquid Planet Water Park specials when you want splashing fun without having to shell out a lot of greens. Not only will you get additional savings for your water park splurge but you’ll also get some additional freebies and gift cards! That’s added value for such a great place. Now you won’t have to look for any other water park to spend a summer weekend so choose Liquid Planet Water Park!

*Price may have been changed without prior notice.

Liquid Planet Waterpark Ticket Information

Liquid Planet Waterpark Coupons