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Funtown Splashtown USA Waterpark Tickets

Funtown Splashtown USA Waterpark Coupons

Funtown Splashtown USA

US Route 1

Funtown Splashtown USA — Discount Coupons now make your Tickets more Affordable!

Operation Hours:
Daily, 10:00am- 6:00pm

Ticket Prices:
Big Splashtown (48” and above)- $23.00
Little Splashtown (48” and under)- $19.00
Senior Splashtown (60 years old and above) $19.00

Funtown Splashtown USA is one of the best water parks in the US. It is located at Portland Road in Saco, Maine. There are many rides and attractions that can truly separate this water park from others locales. Now it can be even more affordable because of discount coupons! There are discounts for one-day passes and even for season passes. This can make your family vacation trip even more meaningful and fun.

There are many rides in Funtown Splashtown USA from thrill rides to family rides and even games and amusements. There is a perfect ride for everyone in the family. There are rides for the kids like Funtown Kiddie Train, Frog Hopper, Kiddie Boats, Kidde Bumper Boats, Cactus Canyon, Red Baron Planes and many others. Of course, there are also those exciting rides for the adults and thrill-seekers like the Astrosphere, Dragon’s Descent, Excalibur Wooden Rollercoaster, Grand Prix Racers, Sea Dragon, Thunder Falls Log Fume and Thunderbolt.

There are many ways to get discount coupons for Funtown Splashtown USA such as going to affiliated hotels that can slash-off a lot on the ticket prices. They also have packages for the family that will give you ultimate value for your money if you are planning to have your family vacation trip in a water park. They also have military discounts for those who are in service.

So what are you waiting for? Knowing the right time to go and where to get discounts will allow you to have more budget for your trip and therefore allow you to do more things. Make your water park vacation even more meaningful and affordable by getting the discount coupons for Funtown Splashtown USA!
*Prices may have been changed without prior notice.

Funtown Splashtown USA Waterpark Ticket Information

Funtown Splashtown USA Waterpark Coupons