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Breakers Water Park

8555 W. Tangerine Road Marana, AZ 85658

Phone: (520) 682-2304

Don’t have any idea on how to spend your summer vacation without traveling far and splurging a lot of greens? You should go swimming at Breakers Water Park! This locale is located in Marana, Arizona. The water park is best for summer vacations because it’s a locale filled with great activities that a family can do. When you bring your family there, they will surely have a great time enjoying the park with you. You guys can go together for a family ride, your kids may play at the playing area, or your spouse may enjoy the two-passenger tube that you can ride together!

Here are the amazing features of Breakers Water Park:

  • The Riptide – Hold your breath before you let go and plummet. This ride will make you feel the zero-gravity falling once you slither down.
  • Surfari Bubbles – Get inside a large bubble and act like a kid again! Adults, kids, and teens, (as long as they’re not heavy) may ride in Surfari Bubbles and roll themselves around the area.
  • Wave Pool – It’s Southern Arizona’s largest wave pool ever! Swim, float, or just get soaked in this pool while you enjoy the beautiful sunny weather.
  • Splash Canyon – Choose from orange and blue tube slide and carry your own tube. Your kids may ride it because the landing pool is not that deep at all.


Water Park Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday, 10;00am – 6:00pm

Ticket Prices:
Adults (12 years and older) $15.95
Children (4-11 years) $14.95

Give your weekend a day to remember. Go to Breakers Water Park and discover why the place is loved by many people.

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Breakers Waterpark Coupons