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Battle Creek Waterworks Family Aquatic Center Waterpark Tickets

Battle Creek Waterworks Family Aquatic Center Waterpark Coupons

Battle Creek Waterworks Family Aquatic Center

2401 Upper Afton Rd, Maplewood, MN 94240

Phone: (651) 501 – 6340

Battle Creek Waterworks Family Aquatic Center – Great Deals For Your Child’s Birthday

Admission Rates:
Adult – $6.50
Children – $4.50

Kids’ birthday parties should be memorable as these are the milestones in their life that they will look back to. Are you in Maplewood, Minnesota, and would you like to give your child a fun, memorable, and meaningful birthday with the family and some friends? Then you have come to the right place as this article will teach you some of the things you might want to know about throwing a party for your little one! Aside from that, you will also get tips on how you can get great discounts so you wouldn’t have to spend a lot!

Battle Creek Waterworks is the best place for your kiddo to spend a birthday in, if you are in Minnesota. You do not only get admission fees for cheap prices, you will also get great packages for your kid’s birthday party.

The water park features a variety of pools everyone will surely have fun swimming at. There is a shallow water pool that has mini slides and sprinklers for the little ones. There is also a lily pad walk and swim area for the bigger ones. A three-storey twisting waterslide will surely release adrenaline rush among the riders as they plunge down into the water. Surely, you and your kids will never get enough of this. Also, a sand area and a sun-bathing deck and lawn are available for those who want to take rests and breaks from swimming.
Admission fee is $6.50 for adults and $4.50 for children. If you wish to get a season pass for the entire family, you can get one for $55, and that’s already good for ten! Now, when you have decided to give a swimming party to your kiddo, the rates come $166.75 for 15 guests, a certain price will be paid for every extra guest. This rate includes swimming and a birthday meal.
Be sure to make a reservation early on so you wouldn’t have to go through unnecessary hassles when your son or daughter’s day is coming up. Also, be sure to invite chaperones for the kids who are invited. The resort has a rule that says there must be one adult for every five children in the pool, that is, to avoid accidents.
To save more money, you can get Battle Creek Waterworks discount coupons from the internet. These coupons can give prices slashed-off your admission fees! For that special birthday party you’ve wanted to give your little one, get Battle Creek Waterworks coupons and see your child be delighted with the wet and wild birthday experience you made especially for him (or her).

*Prices may have been changed without prior notice.

Battle Creek Waterworks Family Aquatic Center Waterpark Ticket Information

Battle Creek Waterworks Family Aquatic Center Waterpark Coupons