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Auburn Community Pool Waterpark Tickets

Auburn Community Pool Waterpark Coupons

Auburn Community Pool

1501 S. Cedar St., Auburn, Indiana 46706

Phone: (260) 925 -9956

Auburn Community Pool – Make Your Kid Swim Confidently: Discounted Swimming Lessons

Operation Hours:
Daily, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Ticket Prices:
General – $3.00

Does your kid love being in the water but is still scared of getting out of the floater jacket? If this is your usual problem every time you go out of town for a vacation, then maybe it’s time that you send him or her to swimming lessons in your community. If you are in Indiana, it would be advisable that you try getting Auburn Community Pool coupons for admission and swimming lesson discounts.

Auburn Community Pool is offering swimming lessons for the summer. If you’d like to make your son or daughter gain confidence in the water, start sending him or her now. To find the best lesson for your kid, you must make sure that the instructors are certified to have come from a training at the American Red Cross. Instructors from the Red Cross are more skilled and know first aid and other practices for the safety of your kid. Also, those from the Red Cross can teach the kids on a shorter period of time.

The entrance fee for Auburn Community Pool is $3.00 at daytime and $2.00 after 6PM. Fee for swimming lessons is $20.00 per person, for residents and $25.00 for non-residents. To save money, get Auburn Community Pool discount coupons now and save up on admission fees, even to half! You can also find coupons for swimming lessons. Auburn Community Pool coupons give the best deals which can help you to save more bucks.

Give your little girl or boy this tiny investment and see how it will soon pay off. Do not forget to get Auburn Community Pool coupons to cut down on the high costs of lessons.

*Prices may have been changed without prior notice.

Auburn Community Pool Waterpark Ticket Information

Auburn Community Pool Waterpark Coupons