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Aquatic Center Lake Havasu Waterpark Tickets

Aquatic Center Lake Havasu Waterpark Coupons

Aquatic Center Lake Havasu

100 Park Ave., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Phone: (928) 453 – 2687

Aquatic Center Lake Havasu – Have Fun and Learn While Swimming

Admission Rates:

General – $6.00

Are you looking for a water park that has swimming classes to help improve your swimming techniques and improve your physical fitness? Most water ad aquatic parks offer different varieties of pools for fun and excitement. However, some of these run-of-the-mill water parks don’t have other swimming amenities. Seldom are the locales that cater to swimming lessons or swimming exercise routines to improve physical fitness. Take a weekend off and go to Aquatic Center Lake Havasu at Lake Havasu City Arizona.

You can be sure that you get more value for your money when you get to swim in this water park. Here are some of the features that the water park boasts of:

Wave pool
Play lagoons
Soaker pool with ramp

The features mentioned above are just few of the things that you will like about Aquatic Center Lake Havasu. With the striking criterions, you can be sure to enjoy different swimming lessons ranging from aqua aerobics to aqua motion exercises. There are specified swimming instructors and health specialists working together to develop syllabuses and exercises for the average swimmer. Imagine yourself sculpting your body in good form or burning some calories while swimming, it’s really better than the ordinary water park!

You’ll be surprised to hear that the Aquatic Center Lake Havasu has affordable rates. Admission price starts at $6.00 per person. For group rates you can get online and look at price listings in Aquatic Center Lake Havasu’s website. And if you’re really gunning for discounts and specials, just search for Aquatic Center Lake Havasu coupons to shred bucks off your next visit and even save on swimming lessons too. It’s really that easy to get swimming discounts for you to improve your swimming techniques and physical fitness.

Get going to Arizona and grab Aquatic Center Lake Havasu coupons for discounts in the water park. You’ll feel better and more physically fit when you learn from their instructors and experts in swimming and body well-being. It won’t even be that costly with discount coupons!

*Prices may have been changed without prior notice.

Aquatic Center Lake Havasu Waterpark Ticket Information

Aquatic Center Lake Havasu Waterpark Coupons